Magnetic Particle Inspection

One of the most reliable of methods for detecting defects, which are near surface or outcrop to the surface, is magnetic particle inspection. The advantage of this type of test is its simplicity making it a very cost effective and efficient method of testing ferromagnetic components for defective areas. Inspections can be carried out on-site with the aid of permanent magnets and electro magnets or in our laboratory using our current flow / magnetic flow fixed bench units. The detecting medium may be either a dry powder or a liquid containing black or fluorescent indicators to provide a strong contrast to the surrounding material.

The Weld-Tech inspection team has qualified rope access technicians to carry out this NDT discipline without the need for scaffolding, suspension platforms and cradles. Following our inspections we produce detailed reports, including drawings and photos, and these can be supplied in whatever form is required.

Typical applications:

  • Surface cracks in welded assemblies
  • Heat Treatment cracks in components
  • Fine defects in the surface of castings for use in aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and medical industries.
  • Fatigue cracks that have developed in service
  • Fatigue cracks in chains and lifting gear