Weld-Tech inspection Services provides traditional NDT services to customers supplying equipment and plant to Petrochemical facilities in the UK and Europe. Our technicians have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and have the knowledge and qualifications to provide a top class service.

Shipping & Marine

Weld-tech inspection services carry out various inspections within the shipping and marine sector. Inspections carried out would include hull thickness surveys, Shearwave ultrasonic inspections to Ship Hulls, MPI and DPI inspection and also visual inspection, all these methods can also be carried out via rope access.


Weld-tech inspection services is heavily involved with fabrication workshops who carry out a variety of different types of work, using all our services. We carry out Ultrasonic inspections, MPI and DPI inspections, hardness inspections, visual inspection and also PMI inspections, all this work is to ensure that our clients equipment and structural steel is fit for purpose

Material Suppliers/Stockists

Weld-tech inspection services is involved in the testing of the raw materials from stockists to ensure the material they are supplying is suitable to be sent out for fabrication. The testing methods used for this are Ultrasonic inspection checking for lamellar type defects and internal imperfections, hardness testing and positive material identification (PMI)


Weld-tech inspection services has recently been involved with the MOD carrying out various inspections on ships being built or maintained, keeping them up to standard and fit for purpose on the high seas.